Mono U Stasis

I’ve been tinkering around with this pile of fun.


So far, Commandeer is good for opposing Planeswalkers, Counterspell wars, and drawing three cards off my opponent’s Ancestral Recall. Chain is hit or miss. Sometimes it wins you the game, sometimes they bounce your lock piece. Daze is hilarious. Making them play around it means you can often board at least some out in game two. Submerge is great. Activate in response to a fetch land and shuffle away a Goyf/DRS. Archmage steals DRS.


Adding white gives us Teferi (CMC 3) and Teferi (CMC 5), Swords to Plowshares. Supreme Judgment keeps coming up on my wishlist, too, so there’s that. No Back to Basics means we can run Tundras and Library, and Heliod, if we want it, allows us to recur Seal of Cleansing.

The good, the bad, and the ugly

You’d think after playing Magic: the Gathering for twenty years, I’d know a bad card when I see one. And, let’s be clear, I do, but I like to let the evidence convince me.

Angelic Curator is cheap, plays through Thorn of Amethyst, and has Protection from MUD.

It also is considerably smaller than everything MUD plays except Phyrexian Revoker.

Save your pennies. April 2019 testing confirms this card is bad.