I played a terrible Zirda deck tonight. I’ll summarize: I only won vs the Bye. Lurrus > Zirda. Full stop.

If I was going to play a non-Lurrus deck, I would run this Lutri combo deck. It’s a 60 card singleton with a Lurrus main. Because Lurrus is that good. It also needs a Tendrils maindeck, and probably a Vampiric Tutor.

I did not have time to test a Red Prison / Hate Bear deck. Ash Zealot, Pyroclasm, and Grove/Fire Combo seem well positioned. Four Trinisphere and four Chalice makes Red Prison, and we only get one of each. Yidaro is better poised for Legacy until we get better lock pieces. Maybe a Red/White variant with Thalias can help shore the weaknesses. Good hate in both colors. Mardu gives Bob. Jund gives Wrenn. The format will settle down soon enough.

There is an upside to Lurrus. I haven’t lost to Mentor since.

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