Standstill – UR

Here is where I am currently at:

Version 1, 2020-04-20

I’ve opted to splash Red for 4x Yidaro, Wandering Monster, 3x Lightning Bolt, and Sideboard singletons of Pyroblast and By Force. I’m running more Bolts than Pyroblasts because of Lurrus, even though it weakens my matchups against Oko and other blue Planeswalkers. The card is that good.

I went 3-2, but was overall pleased. Ian’s Storm deck blew through my counterspells, and I couldn’t find a red source to Bolt Lurrus and stabilize. Dredge is a terrible matchup.

Yidaro was consistently less than stellar. Definitely has potential, but not a good fit in this deck. Nimble Obstructionist would have been a better fit, especially for the mirror. Or maindeck Mindbreak Traps.

Chains introduced me to Hall of Heliod’s Generosity. Both Standstill and Shark Typhoon are enchantments. Serenity, Seals, Detention Sphere, Porphyry Nodes, and Ghostly Prison are all enchantments.

I definitely want to test the UW version, but for now, I’m going to remove the Yidaros. Typhoon eliminates the need manlands, and improves the manabase. Running more basics helps the Shops matchup.

Version 2, 2020-04-20

I have no idea what to do about Dredge. Thoughts welcome.

Download Version 1, Version 2

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