Bring Stasis Back

Stasis is currently legal in Vintage, Legacy, and EDH, if you’re a sadist. Wilderness Reclamation enter stage right. Reclamation already showed its power in Nexus Standard.

I’m not sure how to abuse this combo. Planeswalkers and counterspells seem like the obvious choices, but I tested those and went a prompt 0-3 in the Vintage Challenge and 0-5 in League, netting a total of… three whole games… Maybe I’m a bad player. Maybe I’m a bad deck builder, but I consistently lost against a variety of decks, and nothing felt close.

So I’m trying again with some traditional Saturn Spice™, our old friend Hexdrinker. Dreadhorde Arcanist is still a strong part of the meta. Hexdrinker gets around Pyroblast, and, if you time it right, will successfully Level Up to 3 counters to swing the tide.

Given multiples of the combo are generally bad in Vintage, I’ve opted for Forbid over Force of Negation. Seriously, Wrenn & Six players, Forbid is damned near FREE with Wrenny. Search for Azcanta and Brazen Borrower give us something to do with our excess mana. Ramunap Excavator, Wasteland, and Strip Mine help pressure the off-axis. And a singleton Garruk Relentless helps deal with pesky threats.

I’m still a dog to Dredge, especially now that they’re packing Wastelands for Glacial Chasms and Tabernacle, but that’s as much a play style as a play choice for me.

I’m want to cut one Ramunap for Something Else™ like Garruk Wildspeaker, Kiora, Behemoth Reckoner, or a similar Untap Effect, but they haven’t tested well enough to warrant a slot.

I prefer Mystic Sanctuary over Snapcaster Mage, so I can re-cast Ancestral Recall multiple times, but I can see the argument for either.

So far, I haven’t drawn a single Brazen Borrow out of five matches. So I’m trimming a Search for Azcanta (from 2 to 1) and Jace, Vryn Prodigy (from 2 to 1) for two Goyf.

At least the deck is winning matches now.

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