Eladamri’s Vineyard

Let’s be real. The old art frames are the best art frames. Just look at Eladamri’s Vineyard. I’m playing this in today’s Vintage Challenge for absolutely no good reason, except I love the card and want to play it. That’s it.

Eladamri's Vineyard
One of my favorite cards from one of the most flavorful times in Magic.
Mono Green Vintage V1.1

This is the updated version per Justin & his viewers’ suggestions. The original had no fetch lands, Wasteland, or Strip Mine. We also cut a Thrunn for a Ramunap Excavator, and we trimmed some numbers for two Crop Rotations. And there’s a case for Courser.

We’ve got Hexdrinker, Scavenging Ooze, Thrun, and GSZ as mana sinks, and plenty of hate for the current major metagame archtypes (Workshop, Dredge).

So far, we lost 0-2 to Egget’s Citadel Storm and 2-0 to winedope’s Mono Black Reanimator. Updates to follow.

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